These videos are the personal stories of members of Affirm, more to come soon. We’ll also add here offsite links to other videos that we are recommending (with the owner’s permission of course)

Steve Chalke – Ancient porn sheds new light on Bible verses. (offsite link)

According to one of the UK’s most prominent evangelicals, if Christian scholarship engages with archaeological evidence from the rediscovered ancient city of Pompeii, much of St Paul’s teaching on sexuality must be radically reinterpreted.

In a new online video for the Open Church Network, Revd. Canon Steve Chalke argues that by studying the remains of Pompeii, and understanding the ancient Roman world’s highly sexualised culture, we can find new meaning in chapters such as Romans 1, which have traditionally been misinterpreted to condemn same-sex relations.

Ian and Martin

This video is part of a series of resources developed by Accepting Evangelicals to help Christians explore the issues around same-sex relationships. In this one, Martin and Ian, a gay Christian couple, tell their story.

Reverend Dawn’s Sermon at Luke and Steven’s Wedding

Reverend Dawn’s Sermon at Luke & Steven’s Wedding from James Bishop on Vimeo.

Luke talks about his life as a gay Christian, his desire to become an ordained Baptist minister, his wedding and his hopes for the future.