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Monthly Archives: October 2014

EF/Affirm Autumn Conference 2014

Event date(s): Friday 24 – Sunday 26 October 2014
Venue: Holland House, Cropthorne, Worcestershire

Why I am still an Evangelical Christian

Led by: Rev. Roy Clements and Avril Mackenzie-Parr

Roy Clements

Roy Clements

As a young man, Roy Clements was a research chemist at Imperial College. Then, sensing the call of God in his life, he… Continue reading

Baptist Union Assembly 2014 – current position on same-sex marriage

The 2014 Assembly of the Baptist Union of Great Britain took place on 10–11 May at the Bethel Convention Centre, West Bromwich.

At the 2014 Baptist Union Assembly

At the 2014 Baptist Union Assembly

There is an ongoing process of conversations, prayerful reflection and debate… Continue reading

Steve Chalke calls for a new Christian understanding of homosexual relationships

This article first appeared in Christianity Today in 2013.

Steve Chalke

Steve Chalke

Thoughtful conformity to Christ – not unthinking conformity to either contemporary culture or textual prohibitions – should be our unchanging reference point.

I feel both compelled and afraid to… Continue reading