Faith, Science and Sexuality, one day convference

8 December 2018 @ 09:30 – 16:30
St, John's Church

This conference will be hosted by David Ison, Dean of St Paul’s, and features a strong line up of academics and leading LGBTI voices.  It’s aim is to help equip people with “the most up to date facts” on sexuality and gender issues, and try to dispel a lot of the “fake news” that has surrounded this area.  We hope it will be of interest to all, especially those who are keen to share how much the scientific and medical professions now know about what it is to be human, and that we are not just “binary beings”.

Whilst tickets cost £20, we don’t want the entry price to be a barrier to anyone and encourage people to get in touch directly with us if they require a cheaper rate.

In case it’s of interest, both Prof Robert Song and Dean David Ison have written articles about why they think this conference is important – which can be read and